Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Free sunflowers.

Would you like some of these?

I've just packaged up seed packets for the 21 preps and the teacher at our school.
I thought I'd do a few extra.
If you are an Aussie and follow my blog, e-mail me your snail mail and I'll pop a packet in the post.
Limited number so be quick.
Yes they are big.
These are the dried heads before we collected the seeds.
They like a sunny spot of course, some dug over soil, cow poo if you can get it and just add water and enjoy. 

Edit.  Thankyou to everyone who replied, your sunflower seeds are on their way.  Giveaway now closed.  Can't wait to see how they all grow. 


  1. WOW! Look at those sunflower heads!!!

  2. Nice idea to do that with your seeds!

  3. Sunflowers are my favourite!
    Don't need any seeds though as we have just saved ours. We actually grew them over the winter this time, planted them in first term, they went fine, we are in Horsham, so they have had a few frosts, coped better than expected. Great for the boys to grow as it happend quick. We are about to plant our next lot.

  4. Hi Julie, I would love some seeds I will email you my address.

  5. oh yes please..........would be wonderful.........