Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabric shopping

I did a little shopping/retail therapy this morning.  If you call raiding your on-line store "shopping".  Kerri and I finally had a catch up, we have been strangers lately, life has been so busy for both of us.  Our often daily phone calls have even become a thing of the past.

I've cut of some pinks to make a niece a bag for her birthday, some prints to do two pieced quilt backings, some ready made bindings because I'm always running out and some Patisserie fat quarters.....just because I like them, who needs a reason right!  

And look what else arrived from Jodie (RicRac) yesteray.  These patterns are so cute, easy to follow and the results are adorable.  Mr Six has ordered a Kinder boy and we will have to whip up a couple of sets of PJ's for Maggie Mae and her new fella when he is created.  She's been sleeping in her pretty  dress every night and its rather crumpled.

 I've marked my effort eight out of ten for my initial Spring cleaning effort.  I got the worst jobs out of the way at least and this has resulted in quite a bit of guilt free sewing time.  I must remember that!  I find it hard to sit and concentrate on sewing when jobs need to be done.


  1. I love your new fabric and bindings , very soft and pretty.

  2. Love the shopping and of course i love Jodie's dollies

  3. The fabric and patterns are wonderful! Love all the colors. Ready made binding...what a dream! I'll have to be on the lookout for some of that next time I go to a quilt shop.


  4. Nice purchases! Can't wait to see the new clothes for that adorable dolly!!! She can't continue to sleep in her dress...that's for sure.

  5. Love the fabric! Bright and happy!

    Spring cleaning can be a chore but it's also very satisfying to get it done!