Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do I need another project.

Another action packed day here.  I decided to make a trip to town to do some jobs (and go shopping shhh).   Yesterday my Kinder girls pattern arrived from Jodie along with a couple of her very cute cards.  I dropped into Hobbysew for some felt and bit and pieces I didn't have already to make them.   I'd love to do them for Ellie Mae's birthday too but somehow I think I'm running out of time.  Got to get the Babushka's done first.
On the way I dropped into a friend who had picked up the applique needles I had ordered from our local patchwork shop.  I'm hoping they make it easier to get through the multiple layers around my Babushka's heads and hair.  Has anybody used these?  They have a flat point on them.

We went vegie seedling shopping too, all the new punnets are out.  We got cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage and pumpkin oh and theres a little pink sprout, how did she get in there!.  We will grow our sweet corn, peas and watermelon from seed.  My mint is growing like crazy in these terracotta pots.

My grouch for the day.  We came home from shopping to discover a neighbour had lit a very stinky fire and it was blowing in the direction of my clean washing....grrrr.   I don't mind the fire but I wouldn't have put my washing out if I'd known.  We are about to get a storm here, the wind has swung around in their direction now, I guess he will have to take that up with his own wife now.


  1. Very cute little garden sprout. I've used the appli-bond needles and love them for blanket-stitching - can't tell you about stitching through more than 3 layers though.

  2. I am waiting for my Kinder Girls pattern to you I probably dont need another project - but ordered it anyway...pity about the fire next door.....our neighbours have a slow combustion heater and the smoke swirls in under our verandah at the back and stays there! (the washing line is under there so I feel your pain!)

  3. Where can I get pink sprout seedlings from? They'd look rather cute all popping out of the vegie patch! Hee! Hee!
    Thumbs down to stinky fires too!!

  4. You are so busy it is making my head spin lol! Would be interested in hear about how the need goes, have stopped going a few projects for that reason. And where can you get them? xox