Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today was a beautiful day weather wise.  I have 1.5 of my 7 jobs on my list done.  The laundry looks spectacular and I'm half way around the windows.  So today I figured I could spend some time in the garden.  I mowed the lawns and up the roadsides, sprayed around the perimeter of the yard and did some digging in the vegie patch.  (Can you tell I didn't have any kids around).   I like to have all the long grass near the house cut and other snake  hiding places all cleaned up before the warm weather arrives.  The place is looking pretty tidy.  This is our circle garden as we call it (well half of it!).  Most of our roses are here along with lavender, budlia, wormwood, rosemary and the odd fruit tree.  Most of the shrubs we grew from cuttings and are fairly drought tolerant. I'm enjoying the greenness while it lasts because it sounds like we are in for another long hot summer.
Today also saw our silage baled and trucked away too.  Here's the baler in action and the truck being loaded to take to a neighbour's dairy farm where it was being wrapped for storing.


  1. Your place sounds wonderful and you got a lot accomplished. I'd need for the snakes' hiding places to be mowed, too.....I'm really afraid of snakes (even if I know they are ones that aren't harmful to people).

  2. Wow, snakes, that's a problem we don't have here; I have only cockchafer grub (I hope this is the right word, I had to look it up) in my herb garden;

  3. hope we get to see more of the garden when it is flowering.........I need to do some gardening.........

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  4. oh the jealousy of all of your space! you're so lucky!!!! love your garden!