Friday, September 25, 2009

Babushka quilt finish.

I made this quilt in record time but its taken ten days to bind!  Once the birthday came and went it sort of got put aside.  I finally finished it today but unfortunately its not a good quilt photo taking day here, very grey and rainy, good stitching weather though.  I managed to get one good photo.  
The clothes line didn't work for photos as you can see.
The pattern is from Chandler's cottage.
I bound the quilt with ready made pink and white stripe binding and used a green check for the backing.  I still need to make a label.
One project finished....that means I can start another one right!!!!!  She says looking at her unfinished project pile.  Mmmm, maybe not.


  1. Beautiful quilt! I love the quilting too.

    Its pouring rain here!!

    I think you can start another new project!

  2. It's such a cute quilt Julie and it came together really quickly?? Looks gorgeous. Wish they could all be that quick!! Lots of rain here too today and our local forecast for tomorrow has us with a 'chance' of snow, brrrr, it's certainly a good sewing weekend coming up!

  3. It's lovely Julie, well done.
    I'd love to swap you some sunshine for the rain.

  4. Julie it is gorgeous ! The colours sit so well together , I love it !

  5. absolutely fabulous! congrats on finishing

  6. Looks the colours...10 days to do binding? I can take years, so I am impressed by your speed!

  7. gorgeous!!!!! I've got the rosalie quinlan babushka one and the flower sugar fabric coming to do so can't wait but think I need to add that one to my list! nothing like the enjoyment of picking a new project!!!

    I'm finishing a top for keira tonight, I'm half way there!


  8. Your Babushka quilt turned out wonderful Julie! You did a wonderful job of the quilting on it, and the striped binding finishes of very nicely! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!