Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who ordered this weather!!

Snapped this photo at a friends this morning in the calm before the storm.  His tail hasn't quite reached its full beauty.  The blue feathers on his neck are a stunning colour in the sun.  I'd love to get a peacock for our garden but I believe they can be a bit of a nuisance noise wise and they also perch on cars and scratch them.
THEN tonight it hit.  
Trees were leaning sideways, it was raining horizontal from the strong winds.  The kids were pretty scared, hubby and I were saying "everything will be fine"  crossing our fingers the roof stayed on shooting each other worried glances.  Anyway it seems to have passed now, at least the rain has been good.  
I just hope my empty tank I'm going to plant my strawberries in is still here, its been in a different location every morning due to the recent winds.


  1. Gorgeous pic of the peacock Julie!!
    The weather's all over the place at the moment isn't it?? We've had temps in the 30s the past couple of days, it's been just beautiful. We could probably do with some of your rain though ;o).
    Joy :o)

  2. WOW! Crazy weather you guys are having. Hot here, had to turn the air on for a while today.
    My sister has peacooks, so lovely, they even have a white pair xox

  3. Been really windy here too - not good for school kids!!

  4. He is a beauty, I love peacocks too! We had crazy weather here too (mornington peninsula), wasn't it great to get more rain though xo

  5. Sounds like the weather we have had this year. I don't mind the rain but the wind is rather frightening.

  6. Seems like the weather all over has been terrible. Oh how I love that photo of the peacock I double clicked and got a good look at him. So very beautiful. I would love to have permission to take a copy of this beautiful bird.

  7. What a great photo of the peacock. I lived in Hawaii for four years and learned how to make feather leis, like for a hatband. I made a lei out of those beautiful green feathers. That was about 30 years ago. I had the blue neck feathers to make another lei but never made it. Still got the feathers though.

  8. They (peacocks)are lovely to look at, but you're not wrong about the noise - they can be very loud, especially in the early morning. Sometimes their cry sounds a bit like something being tortured - so bear that in mind! When I was in university my residence was right near where some peacocks lived and they frequently woke one up in the morning with their calls. Ok, unless you'd had a late and/or rough night...

  9. Horrific wasn't it, gave us our first bit of snow for the year. Don't do it with a peacock, noisy as soon as the sun rises and yes they sit on ANTYTHING thats above the ground!!