Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend at home

We had a nice weekend around the house. just the four of us.  We did haircuts Saturday morning and I slipped in to visit to the local patchwork shop two doors up.  I found this nice green checked backing and bought a bit.  I'm not sure which quilt to to back with it yet either my Objects of Desire above or Aviary below.  I might go back for more yet, it looks nice with both.

I also bought some thread and some pellon.  I already have pellon but it must be in my "very safe" storage spot because I can't find it.  Grrr.

My other win for the weekend was this.  Yes, a tank.  I'm (well husband) is cutting it off to make a raised,  snake free strawberry patch.  I just have to work out where to put it in the garden.

The boys knocked over a dead tree and had a little marshmallow toast-a-thon in the back yard.

We also managed a little drive.   Where we live it is totally flat.  Patrick saw this pile of dirt and wanted to climb up for a look.  Apparently when I was little I was always asking Mum and Dad to stop the car to roll down green hills, maybe its in the genes.


  1. Those genes, they come back to haunt us all the time as parents, lol. I love the green check with the Aviary, soft and gentle, just like us????

  2. Lovely weekend! Hope the tank works well xox