Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wall hanging finish.

I had a good run today and got this finished.  Despite having a nearly two year old that thinks she needs to undress and have a bath every hour.  

This angle shows the quilting a little better.  I didn't put a lot on it.  I just did some diagonal curving lines that all originate from the same corner.   I was happy with how they came out, considering I didn't draw them on before I sewed, just did them by eye as I went.  I used pellon in the sandwich instead of thicker wadding, it is just a nice thickness for a wall hanging without being bulky.

The sleeve for hanging.  I went with the leaf fabric for the binding too.  
We have an hour before the school bus arrives so might go deliver.


  1. The wallhanging turned out great. I like the quilting you did too. Good job! Leaf print for binding is a perfect finish :^)

  2. It looks great.

    I would love to see a whole quilt done this way, maybe with a pieced background of squares tho - so that the join lines where you piece the background aren't so obvious.

  3. oh julie... that is absolutely stunning!!

    and thanks for the info on the link thing. i need all the help i can get with computer stuff sometimes! ha ha

  4. Lovely....would go very well in my kitchen too.

  5. Looks great...the quilting is perfect

  6. Oh Julie, that wall-quilt is awesome! I love the quilting you've done on it too! Very effective! A job well done! 8-)

  7. I like the colours on this one, such a simple idea really.