Saturday, August 1, 2009


Getting rid of the box of sewing for the school production triggered a sewing room tidy up.
I have my machine and overlocker set up on desks opposite each other with a swivel chair in the middle, its working really well even if it does look a bit cramped but I'm usually the only one in there.

I've got a few UFO's in my pile so tonight I tackled one,  my Happy Houses from Lurline's swap.  My Mum's quilt group in Melbourne gifts a lot of quilts to a special needs school, they like bright colours and pictures for the kids so I thought I might send this quilt to them.  I have a feeling they don't put wadding in them so they can be easily washed and they aren't so much for warmth, more for comfort for the kids at rest time.  


  1. What a great idea to donate the quilt to the special needs school, it's such a cheery quilt :^)

    I think having the 2 machines close together like that is brilliant! Is your ironing board close by too?

  2. Your sewing room looks great...nice view. I am sure the kids will love that happy fun quilt!

  3. This reminds me - I need to work on my houses and finish that little project. Love the view you have from your sewing room.