Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I delivered the wall hanging to its owner yesterday, she was thrilled and its already hanging in place.

I've also finished my share of the school costumes.......I think........
I delivered these this morning along with all the left over bits and pieces so I have some empty space at last.
It feels good to get some things finished, there should be more of it.  lol
Then my OCD kicked in.

 I've gone through my stash.  I've pulled out all those scraps that are way too small to be much use and all those fabrics that I have fallen out of love with.  They are all getting the chop, into 2 1/2 inch squares or 1 1/2 strips for some scrap quilts down the track.   Its like making my own jumbled fabric Sweet Rolls.

I'm using some of the squares for Crazy Mum's quilt along.  I have about 40 blocks done but I am not allowed to work on this quilt during school hours because Patrick likes "helping".  He has graduated from arranging squares and pressing blocks to actually sewing this week.  Scary!  Its slow going, but he is having fun. I'm not sure we will make the second deadline for this quilt along but its been fun.


  1. Good work! I had a clean out a few months ago but my scrap bin is overflowing again and I have been putting off doing a good clean out! :)

  2. Way to go Julie! I need to do that in my sewing room badly... no time as of yet... Maybe a good Fall job! 8-)

  3. Good plan! A great way to use up those scraps. Good on Patrick for 'helping' his mum :)

  4. I hate cutting scraps but can see the benefit of having it all ready to go! Sounds like you have a gret start.