Saturday, August 1, 2009

Costume Department.

A little more sewing today for the school production.  I finished off twelve pairs of black shorts, twelve blue cummerbunds and three pairs of short overalls for "The Three Little Pigs".   The overlocker and I are a great team.  RE: my last post, isn't it interesting how many husbands don't know about their wifes blog!!!!  Maybe I should have kept mine a secret but its hard when you are married to an IT guru.  He would have found it eventually.


  1. Can Your IT Guru send me a link to change my blog to a 3 column...the ones I come accross are hard to follow...
    Pretty Please...

  2. An IT you're could make a fortune renting him out to struggling bloggers like me! My DH thought your breach of security was hilarious...he worked out who YLH was. I think it is nice they are interested to look in on our rantings! He sounds like a keeper!