Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tree shopping.

Ellie Mae and I had a nice outing today to Shepparton with Kesenya and her three children.
First stop was a tree farm in the orchards at Ardmona.
I just had to take a photo in an orchard with all the pink blossom.  
The trees look gorgeous at the moment.

I'm not 100% sure but I think these are nuts of some sort.  
All the white bark looked pretty.
My big purchase of the day.  Fourteen fruit trees.  $10 each from Valley Tree Nursery.
For my Records......
Peach Briggs Red May - late December
Peach - Elberta - February
Peach - Red Haven - mid January
Apricot - Castlebrite - December
Apricot - Hunter - January
Apricot - Trevatt - late December
Plum- Satsuma - Early February
Plum - Japenese Donsworth - mid January
Almond - Califorian Paperskin
Almond NePLus Ultra x 2
Pear - Corella - February
Pear Corella/Packenham/Nashi - 3 grafts
Pear - Nashi

Deep breath......fourteen holes to dig now.

This is where the trees are going.
We ducked into Spotlight too.  Bit disappointing today.  I got some red spot for Ellie Mae and I like this orange rose fabric, maybe something for me.  I also bought some felt and shirring elastic.  Andi inspired me with her dress from this tutorial.  We finished the day off with a play at Ardmona Kids Town.  Fantastic outdoor play centre if you are ever in the area, gold coin donation only to get in.  Mazes, giant slides, sand pit BBQ's, miniature railway etc etc etc.

And, city girls, look away.

I think there is a serious vermin problem in Shepparton Dad.
I counted 125.


  1. Love the picture with the trees in blossom, you'll be inundated with fresh fruits next year.
    They are foxes aren't they? bit hard to tell from the photo. Wouldn't it be nice to rid Australia of all these imported pests.

  2. Perhaps it's not so serious now, the vermin problem, the only good fox is a dead fox my chickens say!!

    I will have to pay that nursery a visit I think, we've been talking about an orchard for a couple of years now, maybe it's time??

  3. You could almost supply SPC Ardmona with all those fruit trees. I just hope you will look after them like a responsible fruitgrower. As you would be aware, Shepparton is the fruit bowl of Victoria if not Australia,
    and any fruit bearing deseases could wipe out the industry.

  4. Gosh look at all of those foxes !! They say that we now have them here but I haven't seen one yet - I hope not my girls (hens) like to free range in peace.

  5. Next year all those fruit trees will be wonderful to look at with their gorgeous leaves and fruit....

  6. It is funny, as soon as I saw those trees I thought of Shepparton and then read that is where they were. Thanks for following my blog, and now I can read yours and learn about silage. I see some, but never know exactly what they are doing.