Thursday, July 30, 2009

There must be a knack to this.

I need a photo of myself.  Easy I think.  

I'll take one myself.

 Everyone else in blogland seems to be able to do it.  

Well, can I say its harder than it looks.  I've wasted the better part of an hour and still don't have a fantastic shot.  I've either go a stupid look on my face, bad light, the camera in the shot or they are all blurry.

Some tips fom me when doing a self portrait......

Use a CLEAN mirror.
Don't have spectators no matter how small.
Get a tripod or something to rest your arm on.
Make sure its tidy behind you.

Any other tips appreciated.  Don't suggest asking other members of the household.  Tried and failed too.

I hope this post satisfies a few readers who want a picture of me.  I won't mention names.  See I am real.  I'm not one for putting photos of myself on here.


  1. hey I'm not into pics on my blog either but you look different to my for sharing

  2. hehe! Tricky isn't it, I use the mirror to look in the display on the camera so the camera is pointing at me not the camera. Must say though I still don't have a blog worth picture! Good luck xox

  3. I suppose you could always scan your driver's license photo and post that! Kidding of course since those never look like who they are supposed to be!

    I think your pictures are lovely anyway. Maybe next time you could find yourself in the viewfinder, then look at the camera in the mirror before snapping the shot. Then it would look like you're looking into the camera. I've never done it myself, but that's how I imagine it should work.

    If you look through my website, you will not find one picture of me, so I'm not the right person to be giving advice!


  4. You are just beautiful, Julie - I think it should be madatory that every blogger displays a pic so we don't get these false impressions! I just get my family to click 50 times then pick out the best - even then, I don't feel really good about it, LOL!
    Hugs - Lurline♥
    PS - make sure one goes on your blog!

  5. All gorgeous, even the blurry ones!
    When I've tried I've ended up with a double chin and a goofy look on my face. Good Luck getting that perfect shot!

  6. My, aren't you beautiful! The only shots of me are in groups...I think I look better in your imagination!

  7. I Think you have done a Great Job..I Love them All...Nice to put a name to a face we just need to get some more to fess up with their pics....

  8. I know what you mean Julie, it took me ages to put a pic up there, then it was a fluke shot! We are our own worst critics you know????