Saturday, July 11, 2009

Music and some more costumes.

A little local country hall had a local talent night last night to celebrate their recent refurbishments.  Husband "J" played with the three piece he is in.   You should have seen the supper!!  All the ladies bring a plate, cream sponges, chocolate slices, cream puffs etc etc.   
The boys got a bit of work over the holidays too, performing kids shows in some of the local shire libraries.  They had about 30 kids at each show.  "G" on the right is a also a primary school teacher and song writer, he comes up with some very entertaining songs for the kids and adults alike.

I've concocted some hats to go with the electric blue fairy skirts I made.   The children are supposed to be rain drops so I managed to find some shiny spotted material at spotlight and altered a hat pattern to get this hat.  It needs a little elastic at the back.

They are a cross between an Amish style bonnet and look a little like a synchronised swimming/bathing hat.  Do you like my reluctant model?  The boys I am told are going to be "thunder and lightning", so I'm not sure what costumes they will come up with for that.


  1. Boys, just such enthusiastic models aren't they, lol. Did it cost you much in bribes???? They are pretty cool raindrop hats though Julie, thank goodness I don't have to do the costume thing anymore :0)

  2. Well Done on the Hat it looks Great...even though your little Man doesn't think