Thursday, July 16, 2009

Artist in residence.

This weeks creation - an art smock.  
I have a great little model here.
She says "photo" "photo" when she sees the camera now.

Kwik Sew pattern 3048 for any one interested.

It just overlaps at the back 
I used velcro to make putting it on and off easy.

Yet another project perfect for ready made binding, available in the shop.

My first Johnquill.


  1. I love the Art Smock, the bias binding is gorgeous!
    My Birthday fat 1/4's arrived, thanks heaps - I blogged about them too.
    Janelle xx
    Threads of Friendship

  2. A little model in the making . The smock is great and I can't wait to see my jonquils .

  3. Such a sweet little model, that one!
    Great cover-up for the budding artist