Friday, June 19, 2009

Turnips anyone?

I finished the quilt top I started at our retreat a couple of weeks ago.  

Very happy with how it look even if it is a lot brighter than my usual tastes.
Fabric is "Objects of Desire" and the pattern "Daisy Dreams".

In other sewing news, a girlfriend and I had an impromtu trip to Spotlight in  Shepparton yesterday to buy fabric for the costumes for the school production.  I think we bought between 100 and 150m of fabric!!!  They had tables of all different fabrics for $2 per metre.  We got lots of bright, stretchy, glittery fabrics.  I'm making some little fairy skirts for the 10 prep girls and will help with some other costumes next term.

Pirate Day at school was fun.
Heres my little pirate, its not the best photo, he didn't want one taken.  Boys!

From the vegie patch this week.

Some of our turnips.
They are HUGE.
Everyone who visits us get a complimentary turnip at the moment due to oversupply.


  1. Great quilt, great vegies, great little man!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. OH. I am envy of your Vegie Patch...they look Beautiful...Love the Quilt..very Spring.

  3. hello julie,

    the quilt is very wunderful.
    i love hem.

    greating conny

  4. What a lot of sewing you have coming up . Love the "real" vegies !

  5. hey a few weeks ago at another spotlight they had a pile of fabrics for $1/metre.........I got quite a fair bit so I can make some stuff for our fete..........

  6. The quilt top is awesome! Wonderful fabrics and pattern... very girlie! 8-)
    Those pirates never like being photographed. lol...
    Wonderful goodies from the garden. I can just visualize people getting a complimentary turnip from you! lol!

  7. Love the quilt top - the flowers are too cute!

    I'm green with envy over the fresh veggies1

  8. Fresh vegies from the garden - my mouth is watering!!

  9. Hello Julie, love the bright fresh look of your quilt.....I have been working on a Polka Dot Swap with similar colours.....they are not the usual colours I work with......loved working with them just the same...Warm Regards Lyn