Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain and mud.

We had a lovely weekend with family here.  Lots of eating and fun.  It rained most of the time so we couldn't get down the back to light our bonfires.  The kids played lots of lego and games inside.  Sure enough the rain cleared when our visitors went home, so we got to light one fire.  Heres big brother looking after little sister walking down the muddy track.  Very cute.  We have had over 40 mls over the week.  Everything is soooo green, very different to how it was a few months ago.

This is the "small" bonfire.  

I'm very frustrated in the sewing department.  I got my machine back from its service/repair and it still isn't working right so I had to take it back.  That means no sewing machine for ANOTHER week.  I'm getting quite a bit of hand stitching done.  I really should give my sewing room a clean up.  Maybe today, its a wet day again so I can't do much outside.  


  1. Your two littlies are picture perfect! Nice you have had lots of rain!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. We had alot of rain over the weekend too, perfect stitching weather. Hope your machine is back in working order soon :-)

  3. Isn't the rain wonderful .I'm so sorry about your machine even if I'm not using mine I'm happy knowing it's there .

  4. Wonderful, wonderful rain, we've had about 20mls so far, today hail and sleet. I love mud, for a little while anyway. LOL
    Big hugs, lizzie

  5. what great rain.............another couple of inch's again this week........it is soooo wet here wonderful......

  6. Nothing sweeter than big brothers taking care of their sisters! Cute picture. Thanks for sharing.