Saturday, June 27, 2009

Electric blue fairies.

Eight days since I blogged.  I knew I had been busy.  Its been the last week of term, had the youngest with suspected strain of flu we won't mention, end of financial year paperwork, purchased a new computer, go Mac,  organising new overlocker purchase, sold a cow that was causing me grief and producing ten little fairy skirts for the school production next term.  Phew.

I used this tutorial for the skirts, it was really easy and they look quite cute.
Basically cut the elastic to size and tie on strips of different fabrics.  Mine are in blue because the girls are supposed to be raindrops in the act they are performing.

We have had some more rain.  The farm trees we planted are shooting out over their tree guards, the grass is growing like crazy and so are the vegies and the WEEDS.  Here is a rainbow I captured at sunset, not the best pic but it was pretty.


  1. They will be seriously cute fairies Julie, hope the unnamed germy things are all gone now, just in time for the holidays, big hugs, lizzie

  2. I love the rainbow pic . .. .oh, and the fairy dress!

  3. cute skirts........just sorting out a new computer for myself also......and bad cows need to go.....

  4. Very Cute Skirst and sound easy...Great Colour..Hope your little one is better soon...can't have a sick Fairy...

  5. Darling little fairy skirt and great tutorial! I just might have to make one for my little Gracie fairy!

    The rainbow picture is beautiful...I love photographs of rainbows!


  6. I hope your little one is on the mend from the flu Julie...scary these days...
    Love the Fairy Skirts! I've saved the link to that tute! You never know, I may have a grand-daughter in the future that may ask her Gram to make one! 8-)
    Great shot of the rainbow! 8-)
    Take care busy lady...

  7. I've always wanted a fairy costume. I've actually had a daughter in order that I could fulfill that dream vicariously through her. C U T E