Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to some machine stitching.

Finally back to some sewing with my trusty old machine.  Re-thinking repairer after the cotton/poly debate.  I also drove quite a distance to pick it up, I rang the day before to check it was ready, only to find I had to wait another day because the repair man wasn't dropping of the serviced machines that day as he first thought.  Grrrr.  What a waste of time and petrol that was.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the cotton/poly post.  It was interesting reading, it appears other quilters have been told the same thing, to quilt with poly not cotton as it is hard on your machine.  Others think along the lines I've always been taught, cotton thread for cotton fabric, poly cuts through fabric, poly melts if you press it etc etc etc.  Using poly doesn't seem very traditional to me either.  I'm sure the Amish don't even know what it is!

I have started piecing the quilt I took to our retreat.  All the flowers are appliqued.  Its coming together quite quick.  My pile of tops to be quilted is growing.  I'm shocking like that, can't seem to completely finish one quilt before I start another.  July looks like machine quilting month here for me.

Here's "Pink" tending to her calves.  

Poor little thing was weaned the same week as these calves much to her disgust.  I had to be injected with some radioactive stuff for a bone scan and wasn't allowed to breast feed for 24 hours.   I didn't want to find her glowing in the dark so we have ceased the once a day bed time ritual.  


  1. What a gorgeous photo, the calves don't seem to be fazed by Pink at all!
    What a pain in the butt your repair shop is, I'd have blown my stack if that was me!

  2. Finally got your machine back just like a long lost friend .

  3. I always have mixed emotions when my children have either weaned themselves or had to be weaned. I miss the closeness but I also look forward to not having my shirt pulled up 80% of the time!

  4. Oh, sad to hear that you had to is a special time!
    Love your quilt top too!

  5. Pink looks right at home, its surprising how many kids can be scared of animals... And you're not the only one who likes to start a new project before finishing the last!

  6. Poor Ellie Mae and calves, but I hope the scan turned out alright??

  7. Happy colors/fabrics! 8-)

    Missy Pink is too cute there! If my girls would see her boots, they would be jealous! Especially with the koala on them... lol!

    I hope your machine problems are passed now so you can motor along on all that quilting next month! 8-)

  8. well today after a lovely morning of sewing my afternoon session saw me get bias binding jammed in the machine. I've cut it and managed to dislodge it but its floating down below in the machine somewhere about 2cm of the stuff! because my machine is so high tech I can't just fish it out so I'm going to re-borrow back my mum's machine and ring the sewing machine to see if they can fix it!