Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ahoy there.

Its pirate dress up day at school in a few weeks.  It was too cold to go outside today so we made a start on a costume.  We got and old pair of pants and a long sleeved to and cut the pants and sleeves off with jagged edges.  All we needed then was a vest.  I made this out of some black denim, trimmed it with a leather pocket, some silver studs and cut a red tie for the waist.  Father and son are working on a cutlass.


  1. Very blackbeard, all you need is a parrot - or was that someone else? Lol, hugs, lizzie

  2. He is going to look wonderful! Best of the class maybe even!!! 8-)

    He could use a little monkey like they had in the Pirates of the Caribbeans...