Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three more sleeps.

A couple of quilty friends and I have booked a B & B this weekend for some quilty goodnes.  I can't wait.  I did some preparations this morning, rotary cutting, ironing on appliques, working out what to take etc.  Seriously, you would think we were going for a month.  
I've decided make this Anne Gadsby design called Summer Lovin  but I'm going to add some more rows this time. 
All the appilques are done ready to hand stitch on the weekend.  

I've also packed a few stitcheries from the Girls Day Out Quilt, that just need some tiny finishing touches then thats ready to quilt.

Then all that is left to do is organise a nice selection of wine and chocolate and I'm ready to go.


  1. Your projects look great...have fun!

  2. It sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Can't wait to see your finished hearts quilt. The colours look so fresh and vibrant.

  3. like the quilt............
    have fun at your retreat......

  4. sounds like you have a great weekend planned.
    The heart quilt is beautiful!

  5. Oh Boy! Retreat time comin' up! Have lots of fun, take tons of pics (to show us of course) and I hope you get lots of work done!

  6. this is so pretty! have a great time at your retreat

  7. Sounds like fun! Enjoy your weekend!