Sunday, May 31, 2009

Selvedge lanyard.

I've been collecting selvedges for a little while now.  I thought its about time I had a play so the other night I attempted a selvedge lanyard.  I thought the skinny strips of coloured dots lent themselves to something like that.  

I did see on a blog recently where they were making pretty lanyards just from fabric but the name escapes me.  Let me know if you saw it too and I'll give credit to the idea.  edit.  Found the link here.

For mine I joined just lots of sections of coloured dots then used the same length of ready made bias binding to back it.  I sewed the two strips together, folded it over then top stitched them together.  The binding shows on the front because I just wanted to show the white of the selvedge only.  If that makes sense.

All this done on that $3 sewing machine I bought at a garage sale because my usual machine is still at the Dr.


  1. Super cute!!!
    Can't get over the $3 machine. Amazing!!!!
    Andi :-)

  2. Really cute...might do the same with mine!

  3. Well done on the lanyard, I should probably make some for myself, but I don't think today is a good sewing day... Nothing is going together quite the way I had envisaged. And I came by to say thanks as I recieved 3 of your blocks from the Happy House swap, they are such fun!

  4. Looks Great Julie...Clever You.!!

  5. FANTASTIC, and yet another use for that lovely ready made binding.

  6. So clever! Some of the selvages out there now are too pretty to throw away. What a cute way to use them up!


  7. Great idea! Looks very quilt/sewish! 8-)