Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New blogger......wow.

I'm very excited, there's a new blogger on the block.  My super lovely, all things retro addicted friend Kesenya who has appeared here and here in the past on my blog. She's made quite an entry into the blogging world with her garden design business (she is my source of garden cuttings), retro home living, fashion and beauty tips (they work)and her gorgeous children's clothes she sells (they look straight from a fairytale book).
And, yes, this is her in the photo.


  1. I'm popping over for a looksie and to say Hi!

  2. Hi Julie!
    Trying to get caught up here....
    Great fabrics and wonderful Fall photos of the children! Awesome!
    Popping over to see what your friend has now... 8-)
    Also want to say thanks for your continued visits and comments! They make my day! 8-)