Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miscellaneous acquisitions.

Mum and Dad have just returned from two weeks in New Zealand and brought me back this lovely vase made from glass.  Very me.

I purchased this book from Silly Gilly's recent garage sale on her blog.  Kooky pictures but the actual clothes are quite cute.

And, and, and 
I popped into our local patchwork shop for no particular reason and I found the perfect pale green backing fabric for my Girls Day Out quilt which I have decided to do quilt as you go on in three sections.  I'm considering taking it on out retreat weekend in two weeks.  


  1. That fabric is really beautiful, I'm loving green at the moment. It looks greeen, but is it? That's embarrassing.. hm.

  2. love the vase. and that fabric is fabulous-great find!

  3. WOW! What a VASE !!!! and that book looks great but that fabric is just divine.....
    Lucky Girl.

  4. Love the Vase it is Gorgeous...very Thoughtful Parents you the backing fabric...

  5. I'll be looking forward to seeing some Little Clothes for Little People posted on your blog! ha ha
    That is a really cute book.

  6. I'm playing catch up on my blogging friends! 8-)

    Great vase! Would need a B/W&R table runner under it I think? Get working on it girl! lol! 8-)

    You will have fun with that little book I think!

    Great backing fabric! I hope to try that method of doing the quilting... I've discovered, what many quilters already know, that its very hard to quilt large quilts on my little Pfaffy.

    Congrats to your friend Kesenya and her blog! Very interesting blog...

    Great new Arcadia arrivals you've got there too!

    The kids look they had lots of fun playing in the leaves... Brings back memories of mine doing exactly that... 8-)

    Happy stitchings!

  7. Pretty vase and fabric--and I kinda like the kooky pictures!

  8. I'm playing catch-up as well, I'm planning to try quilt as you go on my next quilt, like Myra I found it hard moving my quilt around my little Janome. Loving that backing fabric as well.

  9. I love your vase. There is a glass blower near where I work I love having a wonder around his work shop. They are so clever.