Friday, May 15, 2009

Baking and bartering

Remember my little ad in the local paper for old sewing supplies.  One lovely lady gave me the contents of this tin, beautiful old buttons ric-rac and bindings.   As with most of the things I've been given they refuse to be paid so I've been trading home grown vegies and doing some mending in return.  The old tin was her Mum's, I have to return it, isn't it pretty though.

This time I was asked to sew up the edges of a piece of cord fabric to make into a foot warmer.  Too easy,  I used some of the bias binding, added a few lazy daisy's to make it look a bit more exciting.  I would have loved to put old buttons on it but I don't think they would cope with being nuked in the microwave.  The recipient was thrilled, and so was I with my new /old buttons.  Great trade.

More blocks completed today for Crazy Mum's quilt along.  

Very cold and windy here today, I have the wood fire going and I cooked vegetable soup and made bread so the house smells fantastic.  

1 comment:

  1. Love your added umf you added to the foot warmer! Very nice! 8-)

    I wonder what originally came in that great tin? hmmm....?

    One of my groups is thinking to have a year of 9-patch trades... for something to do!!!