Saturday, May 2, 2009

Autumn at our house.

Princess and her pumpkins.

Lots of leaves.

More leaves.

Caught my eye.

Some cleaning up now fire restrictions are off.
We also made bread today, and no I don't have a bread maker, we did it the hard way.


  1. You have had a fab day. Playing in the leaves and a Bon Fiare to boot... hope there were Marshmellows to roast.

  2. Your little ones grow more beautiful every day and it lovely to see a young Mum who is not letting those precious years slip by without noticing! I have a perfect bread-making machine you could have - must check out postage when the dust settles - so busy getting quilts together for QuiltWest Exhibition!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Well, no wonder I had to buy a ceramic pumpkin at a yard sale today, when it's spring in the northern hemisphere! It's autumn somewhere!

  4. I always get the urge to make bread (and soup) when Autumn/Winter sets in (when I'm not buying fabric that is) and yes I prefer the hard way too.

  5. Ohh a bonfire we would go to our friends farm for a bonfire each year. My now 20 year old son loved them when he was growing up. They are so much fun.