Friday, April 17, 2009

A prize and some collecting.

I won Tracey Oz Country Quilting Mums giveaway.
She conducted a great little survey on whether you would still be a quilter if your husband had anything to do with it.  You need to read the answers here.  It seems we all have similar issues with our addiction......and husbands.  

When I get around to taking some more photos I have lots of goodies to blog about.  Aunty E sent me the apron she made.  I tried unsuccessfully to model while the six year old son tried to photograph disaster.  
Re-shoot needed.  
Might put husband behind camera this time, I'm yet to work out the timing thingy on my camera so I can take them myself.

My other news is I've put an ad in our local town newspaper this week to buy old sewing items and have been amazed at the response.  Its incredible what people have kept over the years and really sad that many people have no appreciation of some of their family memorabilia.  Don't ask me where I'm going to put this stuff!!!!!!   Two ladies said to me today they were happy to see it go to someone who appreciates it because when they go, (ie. die) it will all get thrown out.  I've bought some of the things and traded clothing alterations and donations of quilts to the red cross for other things.  Everyone is happy.  I think I'll frame the Australian Home Journals for my sewing room, I love them.


  1. Sounds like lovely things are happening at your place! Love the sewing memorabilia!

  2. Great idea to frame those old Home Journals for your sewing room!

    Don't forget to post a pic of your prize, you lucky duck! Will check out the blogs you've mentioned.

  3. Congratualtions Julie on your win!!
    Love that Home Journal book...
    I have some very old dot to dot patterns somewhere, gorgeous little kids clothes to make.. I must dig them out to show you...
    oh and some old '70's Burda pattern books..
    Julia ♥

  4. What a great idea with the sewing stuff...though I think me putting that ad in the local paper could almost be the straw the breaks the DH camel's back!!!
    Love the petterns, definitely frameable, I have my Mum's old School friend annuals from that vintage, love them!!!
    Pleased you are excited about the win!!! Tracey

  5. Love that home journal...oh to have a waist that thin.