Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sewing for market.

Only a couple of days till the market now.  Last minute rush of jobs and sewing being completed.  I grabbed some "Fresh" fabric yesterday to make up some goodies as I didn't have any shop samples made up yet.  Here is a little ruffle skirt, I worked out a pattern off an old skirt but I think the next one I do I will make fuller or rufflier, if that is a word, maybe even add another ruffle.

Its still quite cute.  I'll sell this one.
edit. sorry the skirt not the child. oops.

I also made a simple, long strap library/tote bag.
My own pattern off the top of my head, very simple, well finished, I still don't have an overlocker, grrr, so I've done lovely French seams so there are no raw edges showing, I hope my sarcasm is coming through in my writing.
For sale too, but I'd like one for myself.

Fresh bunting.

A food cover net to sell, using some of our ready made bias binding.  I inserted a few washers around the edge to give it a little weight, for sale too but will also be making another for myself once again.

Close up of binding on net food cover.

And from some left overs I made a fairy skirt for Ellie Mae.  Its a little big for her, she was asleep so I couldn't measure it while I was sewing.  I was going to sell this too but I botched up a little section on the waist.  Will refine my gathering system next time.
I can recommend a Berocca in the morning for sewing stamina.


  1. You've been a busy little bee! They all look lovely!

  2. Just so sweet, and the saleable goods are nice too, I think the model makes the skirt!

  3. You have been busy, I can't remember how to do French seams, although I learnt at school (years ago) I reckon overlockers are the way to go. Sometimes I use shirring elastic on my bobbin when doing gathering, it makes it nice and even and now worries with drawing up the threads. That "Fresh" fabric is really stunning.

  4. How Exciting...All Your Goodies look Lovely...Good Luck with it on the weekend...looking forward to some lovely pics...

  5. They are all gorgeous :) :)

  6. Hey Julie! Love the blue/green paisley in the cute skirt - so 'Fresh'! Tee! Hee! Hee! And I think maybe I need to add making some green bunting to my list of things to do - not sure where I'd hang it, but it's just so cheerful! :0) Had a giggle at you pointing out the skirt was for sale not the munchkin - although perhaps you should've waited to see what offers you got! Oops! Did I say that out loud! :0) Have fun getting ready for the weekend - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Hey busy lady .... great work!!!!
    More Beroccas .... more stitching!!

  8. Wow you must have been in hyper drive. I think the child might have sold LOL. I wonder if any of our overseas friends understand the net food cover. I hope your market goes well.

  9. There will be lots of eye candy at your stall! Love the bunting and the food cover especially.

  10. They all look so pretty and I love the fabric in the little skirt .

  11. Busy, busy! Good for you! 8-)
    I wish you much fun and success with your little shop this weekend! 8-)