Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Halving the grocery bill.

Todays pickings.  Zuchinni, rhubarb, capsicum, carrots, golden nugget pumpkins and the last of the peaches and granny smiths.  With a freezer full of home grown meat my shopping list is quite short.  Hopefully we can get the water connected up to the chook pen this weekend and pick up our chooks from a friends place.  I still have a few things on my wish list as far as the garden goes.  I would like to put in orange and mandarin trees and also passionfruit and grape vines.  Maybe even some berries and an almond tree.  

My home made garden brew.
Cow poo soaking in water.  Makes the best liquid fertiliser around.


  1. Love golden nuggets and rhubarb - all your garden goodies look like they'll be delicious.

  2. Nice pickings, I'm going to have to wait till later in the year before I get anything from my garden. I'd love to have chooks, but I think we have too many foxes around here. Get a mulberry tree.
    take care

  3. Oh my gosh that is a beautiful sight! You can grow all those fruit down your way!?!? Now I am really jealous!!! Looks yummy! 8-)
    Great fertilizer you got going there! No wonder your produce looks to big and healthy! 8-)

  4. it's funny, i just posted last night about cow manure fertilizer. i like your idea of soaking it in water for awhile. that would probably make it easier to spread over the garden.

  5. Wow! When is dinner? Everything looks beautiful. Wish we had access to make cow lemonade for the garden that I just started. It is very tiny. Do you think I could make a Horse lemonade for the plants??? I have lots of that available!!!