Monday, April 20, 2009

Girgarre quilt in.

Today was the annual Girgarre Quilt In and LM from our quilt group and I went for the day.  The theme was "tea party" and in particular Mrs Bouquet's tea party if you are familiar with the TV show Keeping Up Appearances.  Lots of ladies dressed up with hats, gloves, pearls and some very bad dresses and also brought along come fine china vases of roses etc to decorate the tables.  LM brought her fabric tea cup she made yesterday (thanks Aunty F for that pattern) and her tiered cake plate of delicious treats, all made from fabric.  From bottom up cup cakes, lamingtons, monte carlos, jam drops, chocolate chip cookies, honey sandwiches and honey joys.  They created a lot of interest.

Here are a few of the quilts shown at show and tell.  Photos aren't that great, I was sitting on the side and they were only held up for a short time.  This one is a hexagon quilt in the shape of a giant hexagon.

Cute houses, should know the name of this designer, but it escapes me.  

A Lyn Hyland pattern, just exquisite.  

And LM's Monte Carlo biscuits.  mmmmmm

AND I made my public speaking debut today.  I took some Provincial Patch cards to hand out and ended up having to speak in front of all 160 quilters because they wanted to know about the shop.  Scary!  I think I did OK.


  1. Amazing work, although the 'Monte Carlos' do look a little like cheeseburgers to me. But hey, I love cheeseburgers!!
    Well done on the public speaking. Did you know that many people are more frightened of public speaking than death?
    I'm sure you did great!!
    Andi :-)

  2. Love the cake plate- after Easter it is about the only one I should go near...LOL! Looks like a great day...I bet you were great!

  3. What a fabulous day - very creative and unique, or am I just not in the loop? Hey, Girlfriend, I need an address - would Kerry like one, too? I probably have the address somewhere, but it will be quicker if you let me know - nuh, nuh! - no fat quarters, please!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Awesome table decor, and show and tell Julie! The plate of goodies looked real until I went in for a closer look! lol! Love the teacup! 8-)

  5. Mmm nice morning tea there, until I took a closer look, and the fabric tea cup, very clever and obviously a lot of work gone into it as well. Sounds like you had an enjoyable "tea party"

  6. wow what a chance to make you public speaking debute.......160 good a target audience is that......

  7. I have been to Girgaree a few times.