Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter wrap up.

Where did that week go????

Here is a rare quiet moment from this week.  
We have been adopted by a magpie.  He looks at though he has been hit by a car.  He only has one eye and a broken wing.  Every morning and night he is at the back door looking for food.  He can't fly but seems to be able to get up into low branches at night which is good because I thought a fox would get him for sure.  

We had a house of ten for Easter.  Lots of fun with the family.  We had a combined six and eight year old birthday party.  The Easter bunny came, leaving behind his usual trail of half eaten carrots, chocolate eggs and big white footprints all over the house.  The tooth fairy visited for the first time last night too.  

So much for my husband's Easter break, he has been busy milking cows for some local farmers, we have done some jobs around our farm and today we got the first of our calves.  Photos of them to come, very cute, but another job to add to my daily list for a while.  They are only a couple of days old.

 I haven't managed to set foot in my sewing room at all, I'm actually looking at my growing pile of mending thinking that might need to be tackled soon.  My Aunty from Canberra has come to my rescue and is whipping up an apron for me to wear at our market in two weeks.   I can't wait to see it.  Its from the Retro apron book available the shop and I sent her some 
Can't wait to see it.


  1. Poor Magpie... Funny how close it got to your son hey!?! 8-)

    Your Easter "presentation" for the children sounds just like what we used to do for our's when they were small...complete with the footprints... Ahhhh... memories. 8-)

    Great looking patterns and fabrics Julie! Too bad we are at such a distance for cost/ordering to be more reasonable... 8-)

    Don't work too hard, and make time for sewing! 8-)

  2. A pet magpie and some new calves? Wowzer, your house will be busy! Glad you got to spend Easter with some family members, that's what holidays are for. Hope you get a chance to get into that sewing room!

  3. Sounds like you had a hectic but fun Easter. It is so much fun when the children are young enough to be thrilled by bunny paw prints! Looking forward to seeing the apron!