Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home day.

Pretty non eventful around here today.  Some tidying up around the garden and house.  
It took a while this morning to teach one of our new babies to drink.  She worked it out eventually.  I went back to take a photo of them but they were asleep in the grass in the sun.  mmmm nice thought.  Couldn't disturb them.

My antique shop purchase over Easter.  Some old wooden spools.  Perfect for my ready made bias bindings.
The pumpkin situation here is out of control.  
Lucky its getting close to pumpkin soup weather.
And yes.......  a sunflower about to come out, one of two plants self sown which sprouted in the vegie patch.  Note to self to spread out the planting of my sunflower seeds so I have flowers ALL Summer and into Autumn next year instead of one major crop.  It did look great at the time but I could have enjoyed them for longer.


  1. its pumpkin city your way! yum I love pumpkin soup...you could also do curries and put them away. I also use pumpkin in frittata with feta, red onion and spinach that is very delicious!

    hope its all quieter at home and happy birthday to patrick for tomorrow!!!!!! getting in early so I don't forget!


  2. Love the pumpkins...only talking about pumpkin soup with a friend yesterday...looks nice down your way!

  3. What a beautiful calf... Spring! Easter! All that is new.... 8-)

    Wow! That is a cluster of pumpkins!! One rarely sees them in a grouping so close... Funny how some photos I can click on to enlarge, and others I can't...

    Sunflower surprizes! That is the best in any garden. Suprize appearances or different things! 8-)

  4. I love the picture of the calf. Just this morning the kids and I spotted a Mama cleaning off her calf out in the pasture. It had been born only minutes before. They are so cute when they are born!
    I wonder how well pumpkin soup would ship from Australia to the US? hmmm? ha ha

  5. OMG, I love a sunflower! It immediately takes me back to summer as an 8 year old, munching on the sunflower seeds from Nanna's garden.. I can smell summer when I see them. Pumpkins on the other hand give me no nostalgia whatsoever. Cheers!

  6. DID YOU SAY 6 YEARS OLD??? Wow... honestly, some days it's just like you blink and the tiny baby hanging off your boob has suddenly transformed into a gangly-legged calf. Blink. WTF!!?


  8. Beautiful calf. What bread is it? I love the color of it.

  9. What a cute calf! It has the softest eyes! I am totally jealous of your pumpkins, I just put a pumpkin plant in the ground. My first try, it is a "ghost" pumpkin, a white one. I love hearing about your farm....you must share your pumpkin soup recipes!!! How wonderful to have a lovely day to dally around the farm...oh yah....totally jealous!!

  10. Love your wooden spools - what a great find!!

  11. When I look at your photos, I just smile thinking about the beautiful season we in Norway have coming soon. Back here, the snow is melting, and the first spring flowers are popping up here and there. Ah! What a beautiful season:o) it's soon time for sitting outside and have some sewing done;o)
    How are things going with your Girl's day out quilt? I just started with the first stitches:o) Excited!!! I have recieved only two blocks yet, and look forward to the next! But I'm behind, so I got to keep that needle running:o)
    Happy sewing:o)