Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aviary Honey Bun Quilt

The big unveiling.  My own design Honey Bun quilt. 

It is really just a huge log cabin surrounded by borders of one inch checkerboard squares and  two other Aviary fabrics.  It measures 51 inch square.

The back, you can see why I was worried about bulky seam so much. look how many there were!
I'm not in the habit of taking photos of the backs of my quilts but I know if you were here it is the first thing you would look at!!!!  

I love these colours.

While out in the garden taking photos I decided the quilt could even make a nice table cloth.
Very Posh.
I'm still undecided as to whether I try and write a pattern for this quilt.  Maybe I'll see if I get any interest in it first.  I keep thinking most people could work this out for themselves but when I think about it there was a fair bit of maths involved to make sure I didn't run out of strips to get it finished.  I ended up with a few one inch square strips left over, these will either go into a pieced back for this quilt or maybe a matching dressing table topper.


  1. Hey Julie! Your quilt looks FABULOUS!!! You've done a great job - I reckon GO FOR IT!! Write the pattern up and I bet there's lots of interest in it! The first pattern of many - I betcha!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Your quilt has turned out so well Julie. I think you should write a pattern.

  3. I like your quilt, it doesn't seem to have taken long to make. At first I thought the photo of the reverse side was another quilt you had made, it looks quite sculptural that view.

  4. Julie, your quilt looks absolutely beautiful all finished. Love the colours.

  5. Your quilt looks absolutely beautiful! I think it looks great as a table cloth too!
    Happy sewing:O)

  6. Hey Julie! Your quilt looks wonderful You've done a great job - front and back. Write the pattern up...nothing ventured nothing gained (lol) and I am sure there's lots of interest in it!

  7. Beautiful quilt - love those colours too

  8. Hey Julie! It looks absolutely wonderful! Good for you! Love the fabrics! One gets such a gentle feel from looking at it... 8-)

  9. Cow poo and quilts... we never know what we're gonna get when we read your blog! ha ha
    The quilt turned out beautifully! I think it looks great as a tablecloth.

  10. Julie, your quilt looks absolutely beautiful...yes open seams were in order here!
    Hugs Julia ♥

  11. Beautiful Quilt Julie...Write up the Pattern if that's what you want.. even a Kit would be Great...

  12. Hi Julie,
    wow, stunningly beautiful quilt!
    Glad I could 'help' a tiny bit by directing you to Elizabeth's blog.
    I hope you'll do that pattern - why shouldn't you try??? I'm already a fan of yours!
    Hugs from sunny (!) Germany,

  13. What a beautiful quilt! It looks gorgeous and I echo others who say write the pattern. It would be in demand, I am sure. Thank you for sharing a lovely quilt with us!

  14. Oh Julie, this quilt is just gorgeous....