Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aprons and my new friend Dolly.

As promised, the Aprons by Aunty E.  It's taken me a few days to get a decent photograph.  The six year old needs a little more photographic training and the model (me) had issues too, ie hair, makeup, striking correct pose.
I've overcome all those problems with my new friend "Dolly".  She doesn't talk much but is very helpful in the sewing room, yet to teach her to do the housework so I can sew more.  I picked her up for $50 off a lady who saw my ad in the paper.  Pretty happy about that.  This is one of the aprons Aunty E made for us out of the Day in the Country fabrics using this retro apron pattern.
Apron number two.
A close up of the frill using ready made bias binding to trim.  

Naked Dolly.  She is in really good condition.
Another find, a vertical hemming ruler.  
Is that what its called?

I'm madly putting the finishing touches to everything for the market this weekend.  I painted up and old clothes rack and clothes horse to hang some goodies on.  Better go, heaps to do.


  1. Dolly has a great figure for showing off clothes, eh? When you teach her how to do housework let us know, ok?

    Have fun with the market this weekend and I hope it's a roaring success!

    Good on you for spreading the word about Provincial Patch at that get-together you went to although you found the public speaking scary!

  2. What a great buy in Dolly! Good for you! A very hand friend to have in the sewing room for sure! And, I'm with QGB, when you've successfully got Dolly doing housework, let us know as I'll run out and get my own then! lol! 8-)

    The aprons look great! How nice of your aunt to have taken on that task for you. One less thing for you to think about in your prep for you market...

  3. What a great find I have seen second hand one and they usually aren't in that good condition. Love the aprons.