Monday, March 9, 2009

Tomorrow is a new day.

Oh my goodness.  I can't believe the response to my last post.  My pinwheel quilt was very popular.  It just shows how effective the simplest designs can be I guess.  Thankyou to everyone who commented.  I've managed to reply to a few of you but I'm pretty tired,  this last week has been a long one.  

Our little one has had a persistent tummy bug for the week and ended up in hospital last night hooked up to a drip.  Have you ever tried to keep an eighteen month old still and untangled in drip line for 16 hours.  Believe me its not easy.  Needless to say I haven't had a lot of sleep so things might be slow on the sewing/blogging front this week from me.  She is a lot better now thank goodness.

During my blog roving I have discovered Jodie at Ric Rac has been busy again with her selvages.  Look what she has made now


  1. Knew your quilt was a winner - told you - I'm not silly! Your little one is OUR priority at the moment!
    Hugs to the family - Lurline♥

  2. Poor little one! and Mummy too! Hope she's on the mend soon :^)
    and get some rest Julie! (that's an order)

  3. Poor little sweetie! Hope she'll be fine soon!

  4. Oh my...poor little one and Mommy too! My eldest had a nasty bug that lingered and lingered when she was 2. I was soooooo worried about her. I thought for sure that we would end up in the hospital with her, but thankfully the meds finally kicked in... They are so darn pitiful looking when that sick, and you feel so helpless to to make it better...
    Thank goodness she is on the mend...

    Love that selvage chair! Awesome! I shall have to start saving selvages...and get all my friends to save for me!!! 8-)

  5. take care of your little one and forget about blogland for a few days........they just want there Mumma when they are sick.......pleased she has improved....

  6. Glad to hear Your Little One is on the Mend...the Joys of being a MUM.Hey.!!! Hope You catch up on some Rest too.

  7. All the best to your little one. I've been there myself and it's no fun.
    Try and get some rest and stay well.
    Andi :-)

  8. Glad to hear your little one is doing better. It's scary when they're sick at any age but when there little, it is a lot harder. Get some rest!

  9. So pleased your little one is on the mend, now you need to mend too, get as much rest as you can! Blogland will be here for when you return :-)

  10. Great to read that Ellie is getting better. Such a worrying experience for all of you. Hope you recover quickly too.

  11. I'm sending you a hot cuppa, with a couple of tim tams, and one of your own quilts to wrap around as you sit and relax on the couch for the rest of the day. Tell them all I said you could take the day off. I hope Ellie May is feeling much better xox

  12. well even justin said wow as he saw it and well it takes a lot to make that man say wow at a quilt with genuine enthuisiasm!

    I hope little ellie is ok soon! must be so hard to keep her still


    ps thanks for lend of the patterns. I promise to get to them soon and return them!

  13. I am sooo glad your lil cutie is better. And mommy and daddy can breathe a great big sigh of relief. Sending over great big hugs from california. xx

  14. I hope your little girl is doing well again and that you are able to get some rest too.