Saturday, March 14, 2009

This and that.......

Is been busy week here but I have accomplished some sewing.  I started construction on some more happy houses.  Much prettier than my earlier ones.  I might be replacing some of my brighter ones after seeing what everyone else is making.

Our little girl has made a full recovery quite quickly which I was happy about.  

Sad news of the walking foot died.  
It started leaving black marks on the quilt I was quilting.  After a phone-call to the local sewing centre it seems to have "worn out" .  Its not worth fixing so I have ordered a new one.  Very annoying considering my Mum and Dad were here yesterday and I could have spend a long day at the machine while they were "Grandparenting".  I'm doing it with a normal foot, its working but not quite as well as the walking foot.


  1. i'm glad to hear that your little one is feeling better.
    is the heat letting up at all over there?

  2. Julie,
    sooo glad to hear that your little cutie pie is recovered. kids are so resilient. i envy that. have a lovely weekend. im off to visit a friend for my bday weekend. i get to check out new quilt stores too. ain't life grand.

  3. pleased the cake turned out well.........

  4. Great to read Miss Ellie is much better.

    Shame about your walking foot - hope your new one isn't too expensive. Your house blocks are very pretty.

  5. oh so glad little miss is better!!!!!!!

    we are planning a trip to melbourne when our next student leaves so don't'll get to meet the little ones!