Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still watering

Here is paddock number four, water slowly creeping along the dry ground at sunset.  Very pretty.

The channel surfing was so much fun we invited a little friend out to play.  You have never heard so much giggling in your life.  They did a few laps and then played "mud monsters" before I gave them a hose down.  Very cheap entertainment for all concerned.


  1. What a day to remember!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I wanna try it too! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Loved the shot of your DS waiting for the tidal wave as well.

  3. Great shots of great fun!!! I recall my brother and I mucking around in Spring flooded fields out by my Gram's when we were young!
    What little boy doesn't want to be Daddy's co-pilot in any big vehicle!!! Too cute!
    Interesting way of irrigating. Never seen as such. Here the farmers have long watering contraptions with wheels that circulate a sprinkling around the crop fields from different pivot points. 180 degrees...
    Sailor Sam... 8-)
    Just wait till Sailor Sister is old enough to get into the action!!! 8-)
    Your cotton houses look great!
    Happy stitchings, and hosing down wee ones!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my reply @blogger for reply address...I enjoyed putting kerri's parcel together so I'm sure it will be liked.

  5. loved all the irrigation pics........sunset in this one is wonderful.........the kids looked like they had fun........checking out the new fabrics now.......

  6. That is such a great photo capturing the water creeping through your paddock - the mud monsters look like they are having too much fun :) Hugs Jx

  7. Looks like awesome fun! To be a kid again....

  8. Love the sunset photo with it's pretty reflections.
    The boys look like they were having so much fun in their little 'boats'.

  9. I love the photo's, especially the one of the boys with there "rafts". I love even more that you let them get dirty!!! I'm with you on that one, when my daughter was little we use to go find the biggest mud and rain puddles after a rain and splash until she was soaked thru and grinning ear to ear!!! Wonderful memories and the best ones usually are free!!!