Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retro dress, car, husband.............

This morning I played ladies with a very talented girlfriend in Echuca.  She recently made a dress from some Tranquility fabric from the my shop.  Didn't it turn out well.  She modeled it for me in front of one of her cars.  She makes a lot of her own clothes using 50's 60's dress patterns.  I photographed her previously here.

I love her car, it was too long to get it all in the frame.  Imagine parking it.  

Now not only does she dress the part and drive the right cars my girlfriend is also married to an amazing Elvis impersonator/musician/singer.  They have just started a blog to help his fans keep in touch with what he is up to.

Thanks for the lovely morning Sen and kids.  


  1. i remember you posting about your friend before... and I gotta say, "she is so cool!" and Oh My what an amazing car, and a great story about her dress too. Jo x

  2. What a dress and she wears it very well. Love the car. My grandpa had one similar only mint green. Sounds like a fun time.

  3. What a good seamstress! Both dresses are beautiful, and that car!!! Wow! I think your friends should have been born much earlier in life! Like the early 40s!!! 8-)