Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Honey Bun logic.

Warning, long rambling post.

I've been stitching away with my Aviary Honey Bun.  I'm tackling a checkerboard strip to make up one of the quilt borders.  Its quite time consuming working with such small strips but the results are very rewarding.  I'll reveal the quilt top tomorrow, just a teeny tiny bit more sewing tonight and I can get stuck into the quilting.  

I've designed this quilt top myself, hence the secrecy up until now.  I had intentions of writing a pattern but I'm not sure some of the piecing techniques I used are very orthodox.  I've done some experimentation to get it right, so I think I'll put this one down to experience.  If anyone wants the general measurements or sketchy directions I'm happy to oblige.  Just e-mail me, if a few people are interested I'll blog it.  Ooo a tutorial maybe........scary!

Here are my Honey Bun strips, joined and cross cut to make the squares.  I had two Honey Buns put aside to make this quilt but I have been pleasantly surprised how far only one roll has gone.  I have quite a decent sized (large lap) quilt from one roll plus about 80cm of two fabrics to match.  Now what to do with the second one, mmmmm.

A note for anyone planning to make a Honey Bun quilt, be careful not to accidently stretch the strips when working with long lengths.  I've got a few slightly wonky bits where I have pulled them slightly when joining them together.  The first Honey Bun quilt I made (still under wraps) I cut the strips up into smaller pieces and I didn't have this problem.  I've decided they are  fabulous for log cabin designs.

Picking flowers in the garden today.
Love the chubby legs.

Remember this photo from the other day when we irrigated.

Here it is today.  Green, yay!  Much nicer.


  1. Hey Julie! Who says you can't write a pattern just cos you do things your own way? Having never done any 'official' patchwork or quilting classes, your pattern may just be a bit simpler for people to tackle and if they don't like the way you suggest doing it - they can do it a different way! Let's face it, who HASN'T ignored pattern instructions and done something our own way cos it makes more sense to us!! It's called a creative process for a reason! Tee! Hee! Hee! Enjoy your 'play'! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. Oops! Should read before posting comment! I meant having not used 'official' patchworking techniques! Sorry!! BH! KRIS!

  3. Hey Jules the paddock looks great!

  4. love the aviary quilt........and I wished our paddocks looked like yours but not so lucky........and we have grass hoppers hatching everywhere in the district.........aarrhhhhhhh........