Monday, March 16, 2009

Market, material and made by Mum.

I'm excited about my up coming market stall.  I will be part of the market at the annual tractor rally in our town and have been given access to an old, turn of the century shop that is part of our local heritage centre.  I can see it now, the old bench tops, quilts hanging from the verandah and walls, that type of thing.  Lots of photo opportunities.  

Its taken a while, but I finally have a decent collection of quilts for sale.  

My Mum and Dad have just visited from Melbourne and Mum has made a box of "fillers" to put in the shop/stall at the market.

Gorgeous covered coat hangers,

Raggy dilly bags,

Quirky, raggy thread catchers/easter egg holders.  I would have put eggs in these but I am trying to be good in the chocolate department.

and some coffee cup carriers, apparently all the rage in Mum's 200 strong quilt group.

If you are interested in any of the above e-mail me and I can let you know a price including postage.  (Coathangers $8 each, dilly bags $6, thread catchers $4 and coffee mug carrier $10.)


  1. What great creations your mother has come up with for your local heritage centre "patchwork shop" you'll be heading!
    Bummer about your walking foot! Sheesh!
    Your happy houses look great!

  2. How lovely of your Mum to contribute too!
    Good Luck at the Tractor Rally!!