Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Todays pickings

Fresh figs and corn.  
I have no idea how to use figs so any ideas will be gratefully accepted.


  1. Do not if this will help found this in my mothers receipes book
    Fig Jam
    1 kg. of figs
    750 gm. of sugar
    1 tablespoon of all spice
    1 tablespoon of cinnamon
    juice of ½ a lemon
    handful of chopped lemon rind
    Weigh the figs after topping and cleaning the bottoms. Determine the proportional amount of sugar required.
    Mash or cut figs into chunks, choose how chunky you want your jam to be. If the skins are greenish and hard, cut into small pieces. Ripe fig skin will soften nicely while boiling.

    Add spices, lemon juice and rind. Cover with sugar and allow to sit for 2 hours.

    Slowly bring the mixture to the boil over 15-20 minutes. Slowly boil for 1 hour. Cool and slowly boil for 15 minutes the next day. Cool.

    Pour into air tight container that has been scorched with boiling water. Refrigerate.

  2. What to do with figs???
    Well, fig jam is pretty good but I prefer to just eat them fresh.
    So, eat, eat eat!!! Or send some to me and I will!
    Andi :-)

  3. Julie, I LOVE figs!
    My son Joe-Da-Chef has a recipe on his food blog for fig relish...his blog is in my sidebar...
    Julia ♥

  4. thank you for your comment julie.i too like to eat them fresh but wrapped in proscuitto and baked then a dollop of fresh goats cheese just before serving die for ...enjoy lynnie

  5. Almost incredible! We have snow and -10 degrees Celsium here in Russia.