Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready made bias binding

What do you think?
I met with a supplier yesterday and have bought some beautiful fabrics that will be available in about three weeks.  Also purchased for the Provincial Patch Shop a selection of ready made bias bindings.  

I couldn't wait to try them out and I thought I had better make something to show our bloggy friends and to use as a shop sample.  Hubby disappeared with the kids again this morning giving me a chance to sew again.  It is becoming a regular Saturday morning occurrence which I am pleased about.

Mmmmmm, what to make????
I decided on a doll quilt, at least I knew I could finish that in a day.  
I created some kooky flowers using the binding around the centre circle, on the stems and binding around the edge.  Its fun stuff to work with.  A little fiddly around the small circles but it came out fine.

Close up of binding on flower.  Machine stitched one side, folded over then hand stitched down.

For the stems I just laid the binding flat straight off the roll and machine stitched up either side, too easy.  Finally I added the pink and white stripe binding, too easy too, no cutting and pressing required.  How lazy am I going to get now?
It is popular for people who "quilt as they go" too, using the pre-made strips makes it easier.  Our sales rep also showed us some cute gathered flowers that can be made from the binding too.  By using a large gathering stitch and doing a large edge to edge zig zag down the strip, then gathering it up and arranging as a 3D flower.  These would look great on bags and quilts.  
I can't wait to try the binding on some clothing and I also thought it would be pretty as an edge on a food cover throw net.  Oh, to many things, not enough time.  My to do list is out of control.

The bindings are available in the shop now. 


  1. Wow Julie thats great! I don't think I have ever seen that item before...I can't believe you just whipped that up. I'm impressed. It is adorable and looks like you spent oodles of time!!!

  2. Super cute & I'm all about the speedy quick.

  3. The quilt is tooo cute and great use of the bias binding amazing what a few hours with out the kids can produce.

  4. No that will take soke time off the binding run. What a great way and ready to use.

  5. Wow, this stuff looks great. I'll have to work out what to use it on. Have fun.

  6. I couldn't resist the polka dots! in japan you can buy it in the cutest designs and colours! they make super cute dress straps and edges on pockets! adorable!

    hope daniel and everyone is back at home....its so bad down there!