Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quilter in the making.

Our vegie garden working bee continued into the evening last night.  It looks a lot better now.  Our three year old lemon tree which we shifted two months ago despite the heat, is doing well (in the background) I can highly recommend shifting plants when you have a excavator at your disposal.   
Oh, and I also found a snake skin in my garden travels last night.  Scary.

AND.............guess what..............finally back to some sewing.  I decided to baste my fairy quilt now I have finished the stitching in the cream border.

Progress was slower than usual.  I had a "helper".  

Her she is copying me, trying to put a pin in.  There was lots of smoothing out being done by little hands too, just like Mummy.

THEN..........doesn't this look like fun.    Mmmmmmm......two seconds later they were all on the floor.  I distracted her and quickly finished the job, also managed to stab myself in the finger.  Ellie Mae didn't even jab herself.  


  1. ROTFLOL Julie! That last pic of DD with that impish grin on her face is priceless...Oh My!

  2. Definately a future quilter and very sweet.

  3. Oh so adorable Julie!
    What a very cute helper :c)
    BTW I love your Happy House in a newer post.
    Cute too!

  4. boy, i'm tellin' ya, you've got one adorable little helper! I was doing the same thing today and i poked my finger pretty good! my little helper was down for a nap though.

  5. oh I see you did actually sew today...........lol......well done........cute assistant.......