Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nasty weather

I hate to go on about the weather but it has been extreme.  To top off two horribly hot weeks we had the highest ever recorded temperature 47 degrees today with 50 km an hour winds.  Recipe for disaster as far as fires go.  There were two small grass fires not far from here today but elsewhere in the state it is just terrible.  There are some really huge blazes burning, over 100 homes lost already.  Major highways are even closed due to smoke and flames.

This was the view across the road from us today, you can't see that well but we were in a haze of dust most of the day then when the wind changed tonight we are now in a haze of smoke from all the fires.  We have the house locked up tight to stop the smoke coming in.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler with rain, I hope.


  1. My thoughts are with you and Kerri - hope you are safe - hugs- Lurline♥

  2. I'll send good thought to you. You sound like your in the middle of a scorcher. I live in Southern California, right in the middle of fire country and strong winds. I understand, scary at times. Hope you get some rain soon!!!

  3. Oh Julie, we saw what your going through on the TV news..
    The Sunday paper headlines are "Victoria on Fire"
    Stay safe, my thought are with you,Kerri and your families..
    Julia ♥

  4. Hey Julie! Oooooh! Doesn't sound like fun weather at your place! We've been really fortunate that cloud from the cyclones up north have kept our temps in the mid 20's for the last week or so, with yesterday feeling hot cos it got up to 30. We lived in Bourke for 7 years, though, so I know what the 45 degee temps feel like - not fun! Hope you are able to stay cool. You could always use the old bush trick of haning a sheet in the doorway where it will catch the breeze, damp it down, then dangle the bottom in a bucket of water - the moisture keeps working its way up the sheet to keep it damp and the breeze is cooled when it bows though the damp sheet. Haven't tried it myself, but if that fails - sit in your little shell pools!! Wishing you a cool change! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. Prayers are with you and yours Julie... God bless...

  6. Hi Julie,
    I was reading our local california paper and it was talking again about the fires. I wasn't sure if it has gotten close to you. Just wanted to make sure you and family are ok. Stay safe, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.