Monday, February 2, 2009

Milestones continued......

Well today went well.  Mr five enjoyed his first day at school and Mum managed to hold it all together.  The hardest part was putting him on the bus.  Here he is waiting beside the road for the bus.  I followed the bus into town and settled him in at school then went out for a cuppa with the other Mum's which was nice.

The rest of the morning I spent doing the ironing.  Yay.  Not stitching I hear you ask?  I can't settle down to stitch until the house is in order.  Then this afternoon Ellie Mae went to sleep for three hours!!!!  I snuck outside and tried to resurrect our vegetable garden after all this hot weather.  I pulled out most of my parsley, picked the zuchinnis that had actually baked in the sun, our corn and rhubarb are still OK, and then I started to dig up a few patches to get ready for some new crops.  By then the school bus was dropping off so that was about it for the day.

Tomorrow I have big is clean, baby changed from two sleeps to one long one, and lots of PhD's calling me from the sewing room.  So if there is no crafty blog post tomorrow please tell me off.  There are no more excuses.


  1. Wow - little man looks quite composed - cherish every day - childhood goes so quickly - hugs - Lurline♥

  2. awwwww mr big boy!!!! he looks so cute....glad you followed the bus

    I also have to get everything done so I know I can sit and not worry that the dishes haven't been done or there is a load of washing to put out!

    i loved my quilting group and there were 2 girls my age which was just lovely


  3. so i guess i'm not the only mommy that follows the bus to school just to make sure they are ok! makes me feel better... ha ha.
    i've had to send 3 of my 4 off already and I know my little one is not far behind. i try not to think about it too much.

  4. Looks like tomorrow will be a lovely day;o)
    Cannot wait to see what you're up to:o)
    Happy sewing!

  5. wow first day.........did you survive........I am off to work today so when i come home tonight I would like to see some crafting goodness on your blog....have a nice day........

  6. Oh, what a gorgeous photo of him sitting there waiting for the first day of his school life to start..
    They grow up so quickly...
    Julia ♥

  7. Congrats to Mr Five and family for surviving the first day of school.

    I don't blame you for following the bus and making sure he was settled. It's good to see for yourself that he'd be fine.

    So, uh, how many PhDs do you have??

    Looking forward to some pics :^)