Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mimi cyclone.

We have a cyclone Ellie in Australia at the moment.  
Here is my cyclone Ellie in action.  
The main reason I have no time for anything!!!!!


  1. Your cyclone Ellie is just darling! I bet she can do a fair amount of damage all by herself!

    You are not alone in your thoughts on the recent overabundance of awards. I've noticed it too.


  2. I agree Julie, while it is all very flattering, it does become a pain in the preverbial doesn't it.
    Nice to know people care but I would rather have a comment than an award

  3. i totally understand. i have not sent or received an award, which is great by me! i don't want to mess around with it. and i don't get what is up with the meme's (what does that mean anyway? really, i don't know what "meme" stands for!)
    i think just following a blog and commenting when you feel like commenting is enough. no obligation!
    And remember i have a little cyclone around my house too. i UNDERSTAND!! ha ha

  4. I'm with you Julie...
    I don't want to sound ungrateful, But it does get a bit much sometimes...
    My reward is the friendships we have made and knowing that people visit from time to time ,by leaving a comment..
    Julia ♥

  5. I have written a few posts about this........I don't want to share 8 things about me or pick the 2nd picture in the 2nd folder.....etc........they really have no meaning when there is the sae thing going around a thousand times........and I am sick of seeing them.........and I don't want to pick people to pass it you i have enough other things to do........don't feel guilty I thank the person who noinated me and rarely blog it now days........I have a note in my profile not to tag me........I'll blog about what I want not what someone else thinks I should blog about.......except in the case where I am checking on your sewing progress......then you have to

  6. Hey Julie! Have just discovered you thanks to Chookyblue - had to see where she'd written her essay! Tee! Hee! Hee! When I first started blogging, the awards and "memes" (what DOES that mean?!?!) were helpful while I was getting into the roll of blogging, finding things to chat about, but have to say I'm with you and the other gals - it's flattering, nice that someone thinks highly of you and enjoys your writing, but it sure does take up stitching time! Your cyclone Ellie is much cuter than the one to the north of our state!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Julie . . . you are not alone here!

  8. Julie, I'm totally with ya and have only recently posted about this myself... I agree with all you've said.
    Robyn xx

  9. I know where your comin from...feel a bit overloaded at times with all these things going round...I agree with you about Followers..I get all Tingly when I see another Follower on my's like OOhh AAhh another persone likes my blog that's COOL.!!

  10. Your little cyclone is just adorable:o) Psst! Imagine two of those at the same time... To be honest, I'm a bit glad my twins are soon 12yrs. They where really cyclones when they where smaller:oD Totally turbo:o)
    But they are the cutest things on earth, anyway, aren't they?