Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Just letting my OS blog readers know we are OK here.  I've had a few asking via e-mail, the fires are in our state of Victoria but not close to where we live.

Bloom has just posted a list of ways to help those who were in the fire path.  The Red Cross seems to be the main one.  She also lists a few good bloggy/e-Bay, etsy auctions etc with proceeds going to the cause.

My husband is in the CFA (volunteer Country Fire Authority).  He is leaving in the morning with a strike team of local guys to one of the fires.  They are saying there are still 21 fires burning around the state.  We are not sure which area he will be sent to yet.  Its scary having him go but I feel as if we are doing our bit to help, if only small.  

I've managed a little quilting, it takes your mind of things.  I finished quilting my Fairies in boots.
I've also been thinking about doing something quilt related for the fires.  I think I will donate my Happy Houses quilt when it is done to our local fire brigade or community group or church fundraiser.


  1. love your fairy quilt, so pretty

    hope your husband isn't gone too long and comes home safe and sound. i can't get over the devastation we are seeing on our news here

  2. Julie, thanks for the email and the info on ways to help the fire victims. What a quilter you are!! I love the idea of donating your happy homes quilt.

    A big hug to you, family and firefighters...bless their hearts.

  3. i'm glad that your family is safe. keep us posted on how it's going, especially with your hubby gone to fight fires. i'll be thinking of ya.
    that's a good idea to donate a quilt for a family in need. i'm sure any of them would appreciate the kindness and to have something that just feels like home for a new start.

  4. Thanks for the update from your part of Victoria Julie. Hope your DH is not away too long.

  5. julie that sounds lovely to donate a quilt. My new quilting group are bringing our machines in next week to do scrap blocks and make some kids quilts to send down and it just feels good to do something

    J also made a donation from us as his work is matching dollar for dollar which I'm happy about

    so glad you guys are safe and sound


  6. May God bless and keep safe your hubby...

    Great ideas for helping... 8-)

  7. hope Joe got off without too many tears this morning...from you of course!