Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Farm jobs

Our fencing contractor finished up this morning and asked if he could leave his gear here till tomorrow.   Aren't his two old grey Fergies adorable.

I went out and took a couple of photos after he left.
I then had a major brainwave, wouldn't they be great props for some quilt pics, maybe even a couple with the kids, you know checked shirts, overalls that kind of thing.
Lets see if I get time.

The tool box.

On the weekend we also finished putting in our irrigation outlets and pipes.
We can now sow the paddocks and get something green in them again.
I'm over living in a dust bowl with all the paddocks so bare.

1 comment:

  1. Great tractor photos, Julie. Hope the paddocks will soon be planted, so there is no more dust for you.

    Your pinwheel quilt looks great.

    Love the photos of your little girl in her new green dress too - adorable!