Thursday, February 5, 2009

Epi-pen cover.

I saw on Jo's blog where she had made an epi-pen cover for her daughter to have at school.  Our son requires an epi-pen as well.  After showing my Mum the blog post my she cleverly and quickly whipped up a couple of covers for my Patrick, using cut up stubby holders in between the lining and exterior fabric.  (Warning, don't try and sew through the stubby holder....leads to broken needles.)  She has attached a loop at the top for it to hang in the classroom and a velcro strap at the back similar to what the covers you can buy have.  I was too cheap to fork out $50 for two covers.  Thanks for the inspiration Jo and to Mum for making me some.

I've added a little 

"Please don't tag me - I'd rather be stitching" 

thingy to my sidebar.  If you have been following my previous couple of posts you will understand.   Don't take offence, I would just rather do my own thing on my blog not have to play pass the blog award around and around and around............


  1. Love the little Bags for the Epi-pen..Great your Tag piccie can I borrow it for my Blog Too...

  2. such a great idea for the epi-pen. think i'll make one for my mom

    and i love your no tagging!!

  3. Great Epi-pen covers! Once I made a carry cover for my friend's Nitro after her heart-attack to hang around her neck. She doesn't wear clothes with pockets...
    I like your please don't tag me thingy. Been getting kind of tired of being tagged myself!
    I heard that cyclone Ellie was a doozie!! lol!
    Happy stitchings!

  4. That is such a great thing for the Epi Pen for your son.I will have to show to our First Aid lady at school.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Great idea for an epi-pen holder.
    I also like the idea for the 'please no tags' label. I have followed your lead and made one similar.(hope you don't mind).