Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sewing wise its been a mixed bag this weekend.  On Friday afternoon I had to make a visit to a nearby town to pick up a couple of quilts on consignment, I'm going to make some new ones for the shop to sell, I managed to sell one out of three which was great.  While I was there I popped into the op-shop and asked the lady if she had any dressmaking patterns, she proceeded to pull out an enormous box.  20 cents each they were I spent three dollars and walked out with a bag full!  I got some good kids patterns, a dress-up cape pattern which might come in handy and some simple casual top patterns and skirt patterns for me.  The bargain of the century I thought.

On Saturday I did some more Happy House building and had another rummage through my stash and found some packs of charm squares I bought a few years ago.  I hope to do a two day market in April and I'm are trying to get together some quilts to sell so I thought I might start with a few simple charm square quilts.   The top one is a cot quilt from Moda "look and Learn" range.

This one is a lap size using Moda "Roman Holiday".

The only reason I got three done in one day is because my husband took the kids for some adventures around town and I was home alone for hours.  Man, can you achieve some stuff on your own!!

The third one is also a lap quilt using Moda "Up Town".


  1. what a fabulous day of stitching.
    some beautiful quilts put together.
    amazing how the kids can really slow down one's quilt productivity.
    Andi :-)

  2. Oh gosh Julie - all those quilts look delicious!

    It is so nice to have a good freind close by to stitch with isn't it.

  3. Wow, what production! You sure can achieve lots without kids around. Where are your markets going to be??

  4. I knew you were the little Angel, ha, ha!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Wow what a fabulous day of stitching. The quilts all look great and great fabric choices.

  6. Yes amazing how much we can get done . Those quilts look great .
    clares craftroom

  7. What fun that you and Kerri got to spend the evening together sewing and visiting. I love the quilt tops, simple patterns look fantastic with gorgeous fabrics!

  8. You got a lot done in the day! Good for you! I had a day like that on Saturday, and went to the farm yesterday...
    Great, simple tops you have there, and time spent with a quilting friend beats all! 8-)

  9. Love your charm square quilts.

  10. you sure have been busy! i love that roman holiday lap quilt. very nice.

  11. love love love that up town!

    now what pattern number is that underwear kwik sew it and must get that number and find myself a copy

    I heard about daniel and hope they're home now!